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BB13 M

Rectangular Tray With Handles, Medium

This tray gives your kitchen counter or dining table a classy look. Fill it with your preferred pastries, rolls, and bread. Also great for fruits and baked products. Ideal for your dining table, kitchen, party, and picnic, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fill, dish up, and relish!

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Footed Fruit Basket

This beautifully woven footed bowl made from natural vines is decorated with fruits, giving your kitchen countertop or dining table a new appeal. This is all that's needed to create an elegant and engaging centerpiece.

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FB18 L

Oval Fruit Tray

With this unique and attractive multipurpose fruit tray, you can emphasize texture in a modern living environment. You could take pleasure in exhibiting the tight weave, robust construction, and exceptional and unparalleled weaving quality while using this neutral hue to add a touch of elegance.

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Decorative Centerpiece Bowl

Add warmth and sophistication to your living area with a creative combination of warm organic ornamental bowls and cool tones. This basket was delicately made with the utmost care by professional weavers using organic vines. They are ideal for use as sizable fruit bowls, table centerpieces, or texture-adding wall decor.

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